Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum


Opening Mariano Fortuny’s studios

From Wednesday 26 October 2022


After the reopening to the public of the ground floor and the first floor of the Fortuny Museum on 9 March 2022, following essential conservation work and a complete refurbishment, on Wednesday 26 October the second floor will also reopen to the public.

In these spaces, designed by Pier Luigi Pizzi, are Mariano Fortuny’s studios, revealing all his abilities, skills and arts – a ‘behind the scenes’ of his creations.

There is the printmaking and typography, with presses, etchings, his own productions and the equally fine ones of his father, and the works collected by the family, for instance etchings by Goya, Tiepolo and Piranesi. Then there is the textile laboratory of gowns and fabrics, including his mother’s important collection of garments and ancient fabrics, the original matrices for printing and models for pattern cutting; the theatre, with the wooden stages made by Mariano to try out lighting and stage effects.

Alongside this is the photographic studio, with the experimental equipment that led to the patenting of a special kind of photo paper, and finally, his work as a painter and his beloved books. Even Mariano’s study and library, immortalized in many photos from the period, will be open to the public for the first time – a fascinating discovery featuring the furniture he designed, the cuttings and the curiosities he kept, the covered filing cabinets and his most personal mementoes.

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Photo by Massimo Listri