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As part of the program “Autumn at Palazzo Fortuny“
From September 1st to November 19th 2012

Annamaria Zanella.
Oltre l’ornamento

A refined and never commonplace artist, Annamaria Zanella presents a wide-ranging selection of her most recent creations at Palazzo Fortuny. Iron, copper, steel, glass, wood, porcelain, paper, cement and more are her favourite materials. The same materials that through memories, emotions, thoughts and an extraordinary technical ability are transformed into precious forms and geometries narrating fragments of the artist’s personal life, going beyond the mere function of ornament.

With Annamaria Zanella’s jewellery we talk about a “poor jewel”, a definition which is also an oxymoron. We are facing to the mysterious objects that possess the charisma of the entire form while remaining faithful to the artistic jewellery, actually. “Poverty” can be found in pieces of metal sheet, corroded surfaces, shards of glass, iron scraps and in combinations of gold and silver, enamel treated with acids in order to revitalize the intention to undermine the ideology of ostentation as a valuable thing. In her works are the experience of the subjects to take the name and place of a brooch, a ring, a necklace; subjects which are willing to become significant again as if poverty would transform in luxury in the freedom of art, unique items made with the aim to surprise and create emotions. Annamaria Zanella does not work in the context of the “ready made” because her forms are born from pure invention.

Exhibition curated by Daniela Ferretti