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As part of the program “Autumn at Palazzo Fortuny“
From September 1st to November 19th 2012

Franco Vimercati.
Tutte le cose emergono dal nulla

The exhibition documents the œuvre of Franco Vimercati (Milan, 1940-2001) through the presence of over 100 of his works. An artist of great significance for the direction he took in the field of contemporary experimentation, Vimercati is still little-known to the general public today. Over the years, Vimercati concentrated in particular on photographic surveys of everyday objects from his life, giving them an unusual soul and magic: 36 bottles of water, strips of parquet from the floor, a can, a vase, a glass… “ten years spent photographing only a soup tureen…

Concentration and sequences of images are the peculiar aspects of his work, recalling the form of prayer in which the uninterrupted and almost infinite repetition of the same word empties it of its primary meaning and transforms it into pure sound, creating a direct contact between self and the cosmos. In this regard, the obsessive attention Franco Vimercato pays to some objects is nothing other than an illustration of his striving towards the purity of the image.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the first monograph dedicated to Franco Vimercati is published by both Eskenazi/Skira Editore; it contains his more representative artworks and a long remarkable interview with  ElioGrazioli, read and approved by the artist himself.In addition to it, several writings by various authors retrace his career; among them Paolo Fossati, Luigi Ghirri, Angela Madesani, Giuseppe Panza di Biumo, Carlo Arturo Quintavalle, Daniela Palazzoli.

Curator: Elio Grazioli
Layout: Daniela Ferretti