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Fortuny Museum

Exhibition FUTURUINS

Educational Activities for adults and school

19 December 2018 > 24 March 2019
Venice, Palazzo Fortuny



The guided tout in this amazing exhibition leads visitors over the centuries, focusing the concept of “ruins”and its aesthetic on salient points, from the first mythologies of destruction as an effect of divine wrath (the Tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorra, etc.) to the “iconoclastic terrorism” of Palmyra, including ancient Egypt, Greco-Roman antiquity, and so on, untill twentieth-century destruction by war and the ruins of the Twin Towers. When architecture collapses it evokes the decadence of the civilisations that produced it, as well as the transience of human life, while also the historical alternation between crisis and rebirth, memory and new projects.


For adults

Languages: Italian, English, French
Lenght: 2 hours


  • 100 euros for groups up to 25 people

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For school and Universities

Target: Senior secondary schools (pupils aged 15+) and Higher Education System (universities etc.)
Lenght: 2 hours


  • 80 euros for a class of up to 25 students

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