Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum

GIORGIO VIGNA Different Natures


The exhibition itinerary and the exhibited works

Ten thoughts on the secrets of material

The garden of the beginning
Sit on the sounding void of the segmented large-sized stones. A contemplative break introduces the journey

sculptures in copper and silver

The bridge of contrast
Light and heavy, full and empty, soul and body. The metallic stones lead you towards the mysterious meeting of contrasting natures

Sassi segreti
sculptures in oxydated copper and magnets

The silent small-sized altar
A “fusiform” suspended tangle is the protecting numen of the itinerary

sculpture in blown Murano glass and copper

The multiform corridor
Male and female, veins, roots, corals, translucent stones without gravity

necklace in murano glass and oxydated copper corals

sculpture-bracelet in Murano glass

The platform of fire and water
Incandescent emprisons solid water
Fire and water nourish the dialogue between outside and inside, convex and concave

Sculptures in copper and Murano glass

The flourishing garden
Explosions of water fires lighten the indoor garden
Strange flowers from elsewhere dance in the dark

Fuochi Astrali
Vases in blown glass and copper created in the Venini furnaces

The little astronomical window
Fragments of comets and planets, seeds of cosmic life emerge in the night

“acquatipi” ink on paper

The cavern of the stalagmite
Metals and odd concretions: a mysterious totem made of bracelets emerges from the underground cavities

sculpture-bracelets in copper, silver, gold, various oxydations, glass, gold foil, magnets

The platform of breath
The instant of breath, made still in the translucent time of the glass stones

Sassi d’’aria
Murano glass sculptures created in the Venini furnaces

The bridge of dismissal
The spherical order captures the rough material. The imperfect and casual form of the furnace “cotisso” celebrated by the perfect form of the translucent sphere

Murano glass sculptures including copper