Museo Fortuny

  • Palazzo Fortuny
    13 May – 26 November 2017

Fortuny Palace

INTUITION | Exhibition

Guided tours for adults and school



Intuition comes from the Latin intueor, a word composed of “in” (Inside) + “tueor”  ( to look, to observe) = “to look inside”. Intuition is the “revelation” that enables mankind to have new visions and inspirations. The exhibition explores how intuition has, in some form, shaped art across geographies, cultures and generations. It brings together historic, modern and contemporary works related to the concept of intuition, dreams, telepathy, meditation, creative power, inspiration… The guided tour in this exhibition engages visitors empathetically, allowing them to experiment a new way to look at the different expressions of intuition in the artistic production through centuries, as well as in the different developments of human thought and spirituality.

For adults

Languages: Italian, English, French
Lenght: 2 hours



For adults: 100 euro (groups up to 25 people) and thereafter 4 euros per person (for example, a group of 22 or 25 participants: 100 euro; of 26 participants: 100+4 euro, and so on). Max 28 participants.

spazio_bianco_lightthe cost of admission to the museum itself at regular rates (reduced for under 25 or over 65; reduced for family groups; free for disabled persons and helper).

For families: max 10 persons, with min 1 and max 4 adults) 80 euros, including admission ticket to the exhibition.

For school and universities

Target: Secondary school, 2nd cycle, University
Duration: 2h


  • 80 euros for a class of up to 25 students and thereafter 4 euros per student (for example, a class of 23 or 25 students: 80 euro; of 26 students: 80+4 euro, and so on)


Ticket to the exhibition itself


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