Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum

Maria Grazia Rosin - GELATINE LUX

The Exhibition

The large installation is comparable to a living organism emanating intelligence and energy. This transforms material into light, sound into multiple sources of movement. In moving through it, one moves back to the original sources of life – and to the source of the artist’s inspiration. The visitor is caught up in a dream-like world of imagination.
Based on primitive and eternal forms, the thirty works occupy the space of the exhibition and evoke thoughts of the depths of both ocean and heavens. Their movement might be that of plankton, or that of the dust which makes up the Milky Way.

This is a visionary yet finely-balanced universe, in which visitors immerse themselves in the artistic language of the creator.

The unifying idea explored in these works by Mariagrazia Rosin is that each organism is the final synthesis of a sequence of mental and physical metamorphoses, moving from the natural to the artificial.

The genius loci of Palazzo Fortuny again inspires a new, material and metaphorical, wunderkammer.