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    until November 22, 2015

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PROPORTIO | Exhibition

Workshop and activities


Primary school and early years of secondary school
Shape Hunters

Within the infinite variety of art, squares, rectangles, triangles and circles can combine, overlap or even conceal each other in a multitude of forms. Each student has a personal work kit that can be used to explore and study the works on display, searching out the geometrical forms and proportions that may be hidden deep within them. At the end of this journey of exploration, a game enables to students to put to the test the abilities they have acquired as “shape hunters”. And once they leave the show, the entire city of Venice opens up before them as a magnificent “forest of forms” in which they can continue to exercise their skills.

Period: up to 22 November 2015
Lasts: 2 hours
Language: Italian, English or French

Secondary school
Artematica or The Art of Numbers

Undoubtedly useful, mathematics can be difficult for some and exhilarating for others. But could one ever describe it as “beautiful”? What links might be seen between geometry and aesthetics? And why did the Ancient Greeks see mathematics, art and philosophy as forming a single whole? A special selection of the works on display in this exhibition serves to explore how and why artists throughout the ages have used the language of mathematics to communicate not only thoughts but also feelings. At the same time, examination of these works will brings out the full beauty of a solid form, of geometrical proportions – and even of logarithms. The visit is adapted to the age of the participants. Period: up to 22 November 2015 Length of workshop: 2 hours Language: Italian, English or French.


All the activities require prior booking on the site using the new Ticketlandia platform created in collaboration with Trient Consulting Group, available for users starting from September 16th. The service is then confirmed once the activity has been paid for, which should occur at least one month prior to the expected visit. “Last minute” bookings may be made, depending upon the availability of the museum spaces and those supplying the services. Obviously, booking in good time guarantees one obtains the service and activity desired. No payments are refundable. In cases of justified necessity, the date of the visit can be modified, dependant upon the dates and times still available.


80 euros
for a class of up to 25 students and thereafter 4 euros per student (for example, a class of 22 or 25 students: 80 euro; of 26 students: 80+4 euro, and so on)

The cost of admission to the museum itself

  • For the exhibitions PROPORTIO and Andrea Schiavone: A Venetian Renaissance artist straddling the worlds of Titian, Tintoretto and Parmigianino, the school reduction is to €5 per person. Admission is free for two accompanying teachers and for the disabled who are accompanied.


For further information:
Telephone: ++39  0412700370 (9.30-12.30 Monday to Friday; Tuesdays and Thursday, also 2pm to 4pm)