Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum

TECH-TILE Stephen Bottomley


After Artempo, Palazzo Fortuny re-opens. At the first floor, the collection of paintings, precious fabrics and lamps evoke the work of the artist who lived and worked here.
From 14 December to 2 March, the space will also house Tech-Tile, with twenty or so extraordinary works by the English artist Stephen Bottomley, whose creations are an original form of homage to Mariano Fortuny himself.

The exhibition explores the potential generated by combining computer design with craft skills. It is inspired not only by the “imaginative and ornamental language” of Fortuny but also by that artist’s constant delight in experimentation, in bringing together traditional approaches with innovative methods.

The pendants, bracelets and necklaces which Bottomley creates are veritable sculptures that use such diverse materials as silver, acrylic, steel, silver, enamel, cotton and titanium.

Inspired by the designs and visionary imagination of Mariano Fortuny, they are a tribute to his creativity and bear direct witness to his eclectic intellectual legacy.