Palazzo Fortuny

    Portrait of a muse

    December 19, 2015 –  March 13, 2016

    Winter at Palazzo Fortuny



Fortuny Palace

HENRIETTE FORTUNY. Portrait of a muse | Winter at Palazzo Fortuny

Activities for Adults and Schools

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Exhibition Winter at Palazzo Fortuny

A fascinating guided tour at Palazzo Fortuny that in this winter 2015/2016 is paying tribute to Henriette, at Fortuny’s side, for no less than 47 years. In the house and workshop in their Venetian palace, she worked alongside her husband in the creation of fine printed fabrics and silk lampshades. She it was, for instance, who was responsible for the idea of the Delphos, the fine plissé silk gown that became a worldwide icon of style and the symbol of a timeless elegance. This ““lady of the house”, will virtually lead the visitor through the magic spaces of the workshop-studio of Palazzo Pesaro degli Orfei in discovering different artistic experiences. Other three outstanding female personalities are in fact housed here in this occasion– Romaine Brooks, Sarah Moon and Ida Barbarigo – with their unusual and fascinating “stories”, in a new intense “journey” that starts in the late nineteenth century, travels through the Belle Epoque and the 1920s and arrives at the present day, illustrating the feminine interpretation of modernity.