Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum

A WORLD OF PAPER - Isabelle de Borchgrave encounters Mariano Fortuny


Including clothes, accessories and trompe-l’oeil creations, the eighty-plus pieces in this show are all made of paper by the Belgian artist Isabelle de Borchgrave (Bruxelles, 1947).
The exhibition also offers an unusual account of the world of Mariano Fortuny, with the evocative works organised within his palazzo-museum to illustrate episodes in his life and his significance for figures such as D’Annunzio and Proust. Spread over all three floors of the Museum, it comprises a number of three-dimensional models and the recreation of atmospheric settings.

Conjuring up the climate within which Fortuny lived and worked, this ‘exhibition-installation’ reflects all the various facets of the talent of a contemporary artist who is also a designer, and director. It reveals the different ways in which she has been inspired by Mariano Fortuny’s intellectual heritage and by the museum which perpetuates it.

The exhibition is accompanied by a book-catalogue published by Skira.