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As part of the program “Autumn at Palazzo Fortuny“
From September 1st to November 19th 2012

Maurizio Donzelli

Maurizio Donzelli’s individual exhibition, Metamorfosi, curated by Andrea Villani, will enable visitors to enjoy a full approach to the poetic elements of Maurizio Donzelli’s work, always focused on some near points of the artistic operation: the concept of drawing, the discovery of images, the observer’s unavoidability in the definition of work of art, in the relation between light and colour.

It is a centre of interest that Donzelli has always faced, fascinated and gleefully hypnotized by the happiness of the performance and by the high quality of the work. Donzelli compares the artistic and philosophical reflection with the themes of non-physical nature and impermanence of images, with its analogical or, broadly speaking, transfiguration and transformation character with drawing as intellectual and technical tool.

The exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny shows for the first time both the Mirros and the watercolour paintings of the “Disegni del Quasi” and “Talisman” cycles. In the fore, we can find the large wool and silk carpets, knotted in Nepal, which transfer the drawing theme on a horizontal level and develop the mirror concept and the issue of the relation between colour and light in the luminescence dimension. At the same time, we can admire some of the Jacquard tapestries, made in the Flanders, expressly made for this project: they put into action an epiphanic research of images with a surprising grace, a great respect for the possible contents and a greater maturity compared to the historical tradition which make them hang out in time.