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Maurizio Donzelli


Maurizio Donzelli (born in 1958 in Brescia, where he lives) is a nationally and internationally artist.

His works are in important Italian and private collections as well as numerous museums.

The artist’s entire oeuvre is also a philosophical reflection on art, one that is not purely theoretical but is also reflected in the execution of his works. Its conceptual underpinnings are entwined with phenomenology and aesthetics (Donzelli taught the Theory of Perception and the Theory of Colours for nearly ten years). For years drawing has been the main focus of his aesthetic philosophy. Drawing is the key element of Donzelli’s artistic/pictorial language and, above all, it is a way to reveal his surroundings, one that goes through resemblance and interpretation. A draughtsman without limits, interruptions or mediation, Donzelli has created performance works such as Macchine dei Disegni (2000/2004), video drawings, glass drawings, jacquard tapestries, Nepalese carpets and his iridescent Mirrors.

His main publications include Spettacolo Di Niente, edited by Luigi Ficacci (Mazzotta, 2003), Lo sguardo Del Disegnatore (L’Obliquo, 2003) and his most recent catalogue, Metamorfosi, published by Mousse, for his solo show at the Museo Fortuny in Venice, curated by Andrea Viliani. His work has been discussed by numerous critics, such as Vito Calabretta, Alberto Dambruoso, Annette Dixon, Rachele Ferrario, Luigi Ficacci, Angela Madesani, Mauro Panzera, Maria Perosino, Roberto Pinto, Francesco Poli, Francesco Tedeschi, Mariuccia Casadio, Valerio Terraroli, Paola Tognon, Tommaso Trini and Andrea Viliani.