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ROBERTO CAPUCCI at Palazzo Fortuny


Roberto Capucci and Mariano Fortuny: artistic forms and ideas.
Mariano – painter, set designer, inventor of lights and costumes, alchemist of fabric prints; Roberto – artist-architect, creator of complex forms for exhibitions, created with the techniques of clothing but conceived as sculptures. Two learned, refined artists, able to traverse the world of fashion, leaving behind the permanent mark of their genius.
The Fondazione Musei Civici di Venezia is paying homage to Roberto Capucci with a remarkable exhibition at Palazzo Fortuny, Mariano’s home-atelier, documenting the evolution of this period in the artistic maestro’s development with thirty dress-sculptures, created between 1978 and 2009.

A partner in this project is Vhernier, creator of jewels of strong artistic value, and his goldsmith’s art is exhibited on the first floor of the Museum. Unique pieces, created by the hands of a craftsman whose each and every creation is one of a kind. Vhernier’s sculpture-jewels meet and converse with Roberto Capucci’s clothes on a stage – Palazzo Fortuny – permeated with the cultural inheritance of the very man who first made dialogue between art and fashion possible. An unexpected meeting between clothes and jewels that are joined by a common search for forms and colours and by inspiration that draws on nature, art, geometry and architecture. These are the elements that also characterise the Spille Spirali [Spiral Brooches] that Vernier created for this very occasion.

The exhibition is in collaboration with the Roberto Capucci Foundation , with the technical support of Bonaveri, Bolliger, Rado and the Veneta Artigianale. The fabric for the fire red wedding dress was donated by Corsil Tessitura Serica, Montorfano (Como).

Curated by Daniela Ferretti, Enrico Minio and Milly Passigli.

The catalogue is by Skira, with contributions by Carlo Bertelli and Doretta Davanzo Poli.