Museo Fortuny

Fortuny Museum

ROBERTO CAPUCCI at Palazzo Fortuny



Vhernier exhibits 30 pieces of jewellery on the first floor of Fortuny Museum. Individual pieces, created by craft goldsmiths, making each creation truly unique. Vhernier’ s sculpture-jewels meet and converse with as many works by Roberto Capucci, on a stage – Palazzo Fortuny – where you can feel the cultural heritage of Mariano Fortuny who was the first to make such dialogue between art and fashion possible.
During the exhibition, Vhernier’s “Spiral Brooches”, specifically created for this occasion, will be shown for the first time.

Vhernier, its history
In 1984 Vhernier was founded in Valenza as a goldsmith workshop. In 2001, Carlo Traglio became the President of Vhernier; he made the company grow while respecting its tradition and history, with the help of expert craftsmen who are thoroughly familiar with every secret of this art.

Each piece of jewellery is unique, hand- made, with a shape and volume influenced by modern and contemporary art movements, the true cultural heritage of the company. Bracelets are golden bands: on women’s wrists, they magically open up revealing unexpected precious stones. The Disco line, with its reflections and light effects, is inspired by an ancient painting tradition: tricks with mirrors. The Animalier brooch collection are unique sculptures, sought after by collectors worldwide. Rings, with their soft, seductive lines, evoke the Futurist volumes. Essential shapes characterize the Calla line: vibrating slender cones, made of gold, diamonds and ebony.